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Tough-Wax Special Finish

A unique high-solids wood finish combining the natural appearance of Hardwax Oils with the increased protection of high quality Glaze or Varnish.

Easy maintenance without the need to refinish whole areas - perfect for professional craft work and furniture.

Unfinished surface should be clean and dry. Simply stir well and apply along the grain by brush or applicator in thin coats. Lightly cut back with 400 lubrisil or 600 wet and dry paper, wiping off any dust with a tack cloth. Two coats only usually required on Oak.

Tough-Wax Special Finish
Price: £14.79 (£17.75 Inc. VAT)
10% ultra matt
20% matt
30% satin
1 Litre (+£11.89)
2.5 Litre (+£42.88)
4 x 2.5 Litre (+£201.13)
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