Sikkens wood finish

Sikkens Wood Finishes

Sikkens are long established in the world of exterior wood finishes.

Best known products, and in stock are Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus Base Stain in several colours

and Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Satin Varnish, also in several colours

There are water based versions of these products too - Sikkens BL21 Plus and Sikkens BL31 - although we find that decorators seem to prefer the oil based versions from the viewpoint of better workability.

Sikkens opaque wood finishes for exterior wood include Sikkens Rubbol Satura Plus (oil based) and for interior wood Sikkens Rubbol BL (water based).

We also stock Sikkens Cetol TSI Interior Transluscent Satin Varnish in shades such as Light Oak and Walnut.

Sikkens Wood Finishing products

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