Smith and Rodger wood finishes

Smith & Roger Wood Finishes

Smith and Rodger have been established for well over a hundred years. They make traditional and modern finishes for the professional user. If we are out of stock of any item we usually receive delivery within 24 hours. We can also organise direct delivery usually at no extra cost.

Shellac Polishes

Pure Button Polish, Shellac Sanding Sealer, Transparent Polish, Garnet Polish, Special Pale Polish, Vitapol, Super White Polish, Excellac, French Polish, Excellose

Floor Finishes

Aquacoat SP, Aquastain, Aquacoat XTRA, Transeal Barrier Seal, Polyurethane Varnish, Floor Maintenance Cleaner & Polish

Wood Stains

Water Stain, Naphtha Oil Stain, Aquastain, Dry Sprirt Stain, Precatalysed Base Stain, Dry Water Stain


M.C.Paint Remover Original, Solvit Shellac Remove,r M.C.Paint Remover Thin

Wood Oils

Danish Oil, Teak Oi,l Raw Linseed Oi,l Worktop Oil, Boiled Linseed, Oil Hardwax Oil

Smith & Rodger wood finishing products

For traditional wood polishing - Just Ask Finney's

Smith & Rodger Wood Finishing products

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