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  • Small / medium repairs on bare wood prior to finishing
  • Multi-purpose paste wood filler suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Low odour, water based filler
  • Quick drying. Shrink and crack resistant
From: £5.35 (£6.42 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Burnishing Cream
  • Rejuvenates original high gloss surface coatings
  • Mild abrasive cleaner
  • Revives highly polished surfaces including French polish, lacquer and gloss varnishes
  • Removes haze and bloom marks from modern finishes. Cleans fully sealed wood, ivory, tortoiseshell, mother of pearl and brass


From: £8.61 (£10.33 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Finishing Oil
  • Natural oil for furniture and wood turning
  • Water resistant, clear oil wood finish – oil based
  • To nourish wood and enhance its natural colour
  • Also suitable for cork, stone and terracotta
  • Easy wipe on, wipe off formula
From: £9.12 (£10.94 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Black Bison Paste Wax
  • Maintenance wax for wooden furniture and joinery
  • Paste wax polish – various colours - oil based
  • Liberon Black Bison Paste Wax is used to revive dry wood or as an upkeep wax for sealed woods
  • Various colours
From: £9.70 (£11.64 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Black Graphite Iron Paste

Liberon Black Graphite Iron Paste

For cast iron fire surrounds



From: £10.78 (£12.94 Inc. VAT)
Tung Oil
  • Deep, penetrating protection for hardwoods and food safe surfaces
  • Low lustre, clear natural oil wood finish – oil based
  • Premium grade natural wood care oil
  • For internal or external oak, and for bespoke wooden furniture


From: £11.87 (£14.24 Inc. VAT)
Retouch Crayons
  • Masks superficial scratches and knocks on finished wooden surfaces
  • Semi-hard wax in various colours
  • Repairs slight scratches and defects such as wormholes on old and new furniture
  • Pack of 10
From: £14.97 (£17.96 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner
  • Fast and effective formula for cleaning garden furniture and decking prior to reoiling.
  • 1 Litre size
From: £15.10 (£18.12 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Garden Furniture Oil
  • For the initial treatment and retreatment of all wooden garden furniture
  • Low lustre, clear penetrating wood finish – oil based
  • Reduces damage by sunlight
  • Protects and enhances all exterior wood
  • Does not chip, flake or blister


From: £15.41 (£18.49 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Stone Floor Cleaner
  • Removes dust, dirt and grease from stone and terracotta
  • Clear, heavy duty cleaner
  • Used to clean both sealed and unsealed stone, terracotta and slate
  • Water based formula – dilute up to a 25% solution for general cleaning or use neat on stubborn marks
From: £15.62 (£18.74 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Stone Floor Sealer - Natural Finish
  • Seals porous stone floors where very little colour change is required
  • Clear, non-colouring sealer – water based
  • Water proofs and protects porous stone from spills and staining.
From: £15.66 (£18.79 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Stone Floor Sealer - Colour Enhancer
  • Nourishing sealer for all types of porous stone floors
  • Clear colour enhancing sealer – oil based
  • Darkens surface to resemble wetting. Gives a water resistant finish to protect floors from spillages
  • Matt / matt-satin finish
From: £15.75 (£18.90 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Stone Floor Shine
  • High shine finish for stone and terracotta floors
  • Clear gloss seal suitable for high traffic areas
  • Apply on top of Liberon Stone Floor Sealer to give a deep gloss finish
  • No buffing required
From: £16.44 (£19.73 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Timber Decking Oil
  • Protection of timber decking and cladding
  • Low lustre clear penetrating wood finish – oil based
  • Does not chip, flake or blister
  • Suitable for timber decking, fascias, cladding and hot tub surrounds


From: £23.57 (£28.28 Inc. VAT)

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