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Joynes Wades Waxless Cleaner
  • Rejuvenates and cleans sealed and unsealed wooden surfaces
  • Waxless cleansing emulsion
  • Leaves a low gloss, long lasting sheen after cleaning sealed wooden surfaces
  • No abrasives or silicons
  • Anti-static
From: £8.60 (£10.32 Inc. VAT)
Liberon Burnishing Cream
  • Rejuvenates original high gloss surface coatings
  • Mild abrasive cleaner
  • Revives highly polished surfaces including French polish, lacquer and gloss varnishes
  • Removes haze and bloom marks from modern finishes. Cleans fully sealed wood, ivory, tortoiseshell, mother of pearl and brass


From: £8.61 (£10.33 Inc. VAT)
Wax Remover & Degreaser
  • Removes wax from all interior / exterior sealed wood and waxed surfaces
  • Effective deep cleaner.
  • Clear, mixed solvent cleaner.
  • Removes wax, dirt, grease and grime from French polish, lacquer, varnishes and bare wood.
  • Degreases over waxed surfaces prior to rewaxing.
From: £9.92 (£11.90 Inc. VAT)
Lakeone Heavy Duty Deep Cleaner
  • Deep cleaner for varnished and waxed wood
  • Removes and loosens dirt from varnished and waxed furniture.
  • Rejuvenates crazed French polish ready for refinishing
  • Water washable. 30 minute drying time
From: £10.86 (£13.03 Inc. VAT)
Oxalic Acid Powder
  • Oxalic Acid Powder
  • Restorers bleach
  • Dilutes in warm water for gentle bleaching & removing weather stains
  • 500g size


From: £10.97 (£13.16 Inc. VAT)
Fiddes Vita-Shine
  • High shine rejuvenating wax for sealed woods
  • Light coloured reviving cream
  • Improves glossy surfaces on sealed woods
  • Increases shine on dulled surfaces
  • Wipe on – buff off formula
  • 1 Litre size


From: £12.20 (£14.64 Inc. VAT)
Lakeone Old Wood Stabiliser
  • Lakeone Old Wood Stabiliser
  • 500ml
From: £13.40 (£16.08 Inc. VAT)
  • Easy to use reviver / restorer for most tired, previously finished wooden surfaces.
  • Leaves a natural sheen.
From: £15.44 (£18.53 Inc. VAT)
Wood Whitener (sodium hypochlorite)
  • Wood Whitener (sodium hypochlorite)
  • Single part medium / strong bleach
  • Whitens red / dark woods
  • 1 Litre size
From: £20.60 (£24.72 Inc. VAT)
  • Very Strong Wood Bleach
  • Makes bare wood white or lighter in colour
  • Two part mix
  • 1.5 Litre combined volume



From: £23.79 (£28.55 Inc. VAT)

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