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Which wood door / window finish is right for you?

Finishes for doors and windows fall into three categories.  These are

  • Penetrating finishes (such as Danish oil or Teak oil)
  • Semi-penetrating finishes (such as OSMO UV Protection Oil or Sikkens HLS)  or
  • Varnishes (such as Sikkens Filter 7 or Sadolin Clear Coat).

Each give differing degrees of protection.  Varnishes offer the longest maintenance-free treatment but when they do fail, they can flake and so will need removing.  For this reason, semi-penetrating finishes are popular as they offer some protection but are easy to repair.

In addition, finishes may be clear, translucent or opaque and in different sheens – usually satin or satin-matt.

It is difficult to treat exterior wood with a clear finish and (long term), keep its full natural colour but you can slow it down by using a product that contains a UV inhibitor.  We have had good success with OSMO UV Protection Oil on oak as long as it is retreated from time to time.  Opaque colours (solid colour) offer the most protection -  Osmo Country Colour is easily retreatable usually lasting up to 2 to 4 years.  Jotun Demidekk Opaque Wood Stain when used with Visir Primer can offer 8 to 12 years under normal conditions.

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Teak Oil
  • Linseed oil with special ingredients to help drying on oily woods




From: £8.20 (£9.84 Inc. VAT)
Rustins Finest Danish Oil
  • For all wooden furniture and worktops
  • Low lustre, clear penetrating wood finish – oil based
  • Restores colour to weathered wood
  • Easy brush or wipe on finish
  • Does not chip, flake or blister
From: £8.92 (£10.70 Inc. VAT)
Sikkens HLS Plus
  • Superior protection of decking and joinery.
  • Also used as a basecoat for Sikkens Filter 7 Varnish
  • Matt / Satin Exterior wood stain and basecoat – oil based
  • Microporous wood finish. Easy recoating
  • Colours: Light oak, Walnut, Dark oak, Mahogany
From: £19.10 (£22.92 Inc. VAT)
OSMO UV Protection Oil
  • Especially suitable for oak
  • Matt / satin finish
  • Various colours available
  • Does not crack, flake, peel or blister




From: £20.10 (£24.12 Inc. VAT)
OSMO Country Colour
  • Classic paint colours on summer houses, cladding, doors, windows
  • Microporous Matt / Satin semi-opaque wood paint – oil based
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Does not chip, flake or blister
  • Large range of colours
From: £20.49 (£24.59 Inc. VAT)
Sadolin Clear Coat Satin
  • Sadolin Clear Coat Satin
  • Lower colour change
From: £22.75 (£27.30 Inc. VAT)
Sikkens Filter 7
  • Highest quality varnish stain for doors and windows
  • Satin Translucent wood stain varnish – oil based
  • UV resistant
  • Microporous brush-on wood varnish
  • Colours: Light oak, Dark oak, Mahogany, Walnut
From: £25.27 (£30.32 Inc. VAT)
  • Visir Primer (Undercoat)
  • Primer for Jotun Demidekk
From: £26.28 (£31.54 Inc. VAT)
  • Opaque wood stain offering up to 12 years protection
  • Water based satin finish
  • Huge range of RAL, BS and own range colours available
  • Please call us to order 01246 261664


From: £28.20 (£33.84 Inc. VAT)

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