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FINPOL Special Thinners
  • Solvent and brush cleaner for FINPOL polishes
  • Clear, dehydrated, denatured alcohol


From: £7.98 (£9.58 Inc. VAT)
FINPOL Easy Polish
  • High quality decorative joinery including handrails, spindles, architraves and skirtings
  • Clear modified shellac polish – spirit based
  • Each coat is touch dry in a few minutes
  • Tougher than wax polish and most oil finishes
  • Finish with Finney’s Superior Finishing Wax for a silky smooth finish
From: £15.13 (£18.16 Inc. VAT)
FINPOL Extra Hard Polish
  • Professional French polish finish for table tops and harder wearing surfaces
  • Clear extra-tough modified shellac polish – spirit based
  • Even harder wearing than FINPOL Special Polish
  • Used for a high quality decorative French polish finish, with maximum resistance to spillages
From: £15.18 (£18.22 Inc. VAT)
FINPOL Special Polish
  • For high quality antiques and fine bespoke furniture
  • Clear modified shellac polish – spirit based
  • FINPOL Special Polish is the premier craftsman’s polish
  • Developed to produce a true French polished finish the easy way, and give extra protection too
From: £15.53 (£18.64 Inc. VAT)

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