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  • Disposable Brush
  • Use once and throw away
From: £0.29 (£0.35 Inc. VAT)
Cotton Wadding
  • Cotton Wadding
  • Correct size for making a fad in a french polishers rubber (approx 10” x 10”)
From: £1.99 (£2.39 Inc. VAT)
Safety Gloves
  • Safety Gloves
  • Knitted wrist



From: £2.20 (£2.64 Inc. VAT)
  • Extra soft polishing cloth for applying wax polishes and buffing


From: £2.56 (£3.07 Inc. VAT)
Synthetic (Professional) Granville
  • Synthetic (Professional) Granville





From: £2.60 (£3.12 Inc. VAT)
  • Stockinette
  • 400g


From: £3.35 (£4.02 Inc. VAT)
  • For fine lining and painting out
  • Pure Sable No. 2


From: £3.36 (£4.03 Inc. VAT)
  • For painting out grain and blemishes


From: £3.36 (£4.03 Inc. VAT)
Deluxe Varnish Brush
  • Professional decorators pure bristle paint and varnish brush





From: £3.82 (£4.58 Inc. VAT)
Cabinet Makers Apron
  • Traditional cabinet makers apron
From: £9.99 (£11.99 Inc. VAT)
Polishing Mop - Pony Hair Grade A
  • Used to professionally apply Shellac Sanding Sealer, FINPOL polishes and French polish
  • Leaves no brush marks



From: £10.37 (£12.44 Inc. VAT)
Flat Lacquer Brush
  • For fine lacquering and varnishing
  • Squirrel hair
From: £13.87 (£16.64 Inc. VAT)
Drill Brush
  • High speed buffing of waxed surfaces (pine waxing brush)


From: £18.23 (£21.88 Inc. VAT)
Wax Polish Furniture Brush
  • Hand brush for buffing mouldings and carvings
From: £18.97 (£22.76 Inc. VAT)
Solvent Vapour Mask
  • Solvent Vapour Mask
From: £23.98 (£28.78 Inc. VAT)

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