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Aluminium Oxide Hook & Loop Triangles
  • Aluminium Oxide Hook & Loop Triangles
  • 90mm size





From: £0.36 (£0.43 Inc. VAT)
Aluminium Oxide Hook & Loop Abrasive Discs
  • Aluminium Oxide Hook & Loop Abrasive Discs





From: £0.44 (£0.53 Inc. VAT)
Hi-flex Abrasive Paper - 220 grit
  • Quick cutting flexible abrasive for hardwoods and softwoods
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive paper
  • Hi-flex is a flexible and foldable abrasive paper for the fast sanding of all timbers.
  • 230mm x 280mm sheets
From: £0.77 (£0.92 Inc. VAT)
Wet 'N' Dry Abrasive Paper
  • For denibbing varnish, lacquer and French polish
  • Black silicon carbide abrasive paper
  • Wet ‘N’ Dry is used dry to denib all hard surface coatings
  • 230mm x 280mm sheets


From: £0.83 (£1.00 Inc. VAT)
Flexi-cut Abrasive Paper
  • Especially suited to pine and dense timbers such as oak
From: £0.89 (£1.07 Inc. VAT)
Lubrisil Abrasive Paper
  • For denibbing French polish, Finpol polishes and varnishes
  • Self lubricated silicon carbide abrasive paper
  • Increases the speed of denibbing surface coatings, and reduces scratching
From: £0.90 (£1.08 Inc. VAT)
  • Cork sanding block




From: £0.99 (£1.19 Inc. VAT)
Tack Cloth
  • Special dust removing cloth for fine sanding, polished wooden surfaces and after denibbing
  • Specially impregnated dust removing cloth
From: £1.24 (£1.49 Inc. VAT)
Sanding Belts - Mirka 75mm
  • Sanding belts
  • 75 x 533
  • Mirka brand
  • 120 grit
  • 100 x 610 size also available


From: £1.27 (£1.52 Inc. VAT)
  • 100 x 610
  • 40 grit, 60 grit, 80, 120 grit


From: £1.43 (£1.72 Inc. VAT)
Sanding Belts - Mirka 100mm
  • Sanding belts
  • 100 x 610
  • Mirka brand
  • 60,80,120 grit
  • 75 x 533 size also available


From: £1.43 (£1.72 Inc. VAT)
Abralon Abrasive Pads
  • Flexible pads for denibbing fine finishes and seals
  • Silicon carbide abrasive pads
  • For fine denibbing or reducing the sheen of final coats on surface coatings
  • 140mm x 115mm sheets
  • Low scratch


From: £1.45 (£1.74 Inc. VAT)
Scotchbrite Pad
  • Ultra fine mesh, alternative to steel wool



From: £1.76 (£2.11 Inc. VAT)
Non Abrasive Burnishing Pad
  • For improving shine on French polish, Finpol polishes, varnish and lacquers



From: £1.95 (£2.34 Inc. VAT)
Steel Wool
  • Finest quality steel wool
  • Various grades & sizes
  • Oil free, uniform gauge steel wool
From: £4.10 (£4.92 Inc. VAT)

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