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Finney's White Spirits
  • Oil based solvent for thinning Durapolish Clear Glaze, polyurethane and oil based wood finishes
  • Reduced water content formula
From: £1.89 (£2.27 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Mineralised Methylated Spirits
  • Mineralised Methylated Spirits
  • Traditional "purple" methylated spirits for cleaning and thinning
From: £4.64 (£5.57 Inc. VAT)
FINPOL Special Thinners
  • Solvent and brush cleaner for FINPOL polishes
  • Clear, dehydrated, denatured alcohol


From: £7.98 (£9.58 Inc. VAT)
Sadolin Ultimate Wood Treatment
  • Sadolin Ultimate Wood Treatment (formally multipurpose wood treatment)
  • Provides preservative, woodworm protection and eradication
  • 1 Litre size
From: £9.42 (£11.30 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Pure American Turpentine
  • Genuine American turpentine for making wood fillers, beaumontage and wax polishes
  • Rich feeding solvent
From: £12.85 (£15.42 Inc. VAT)

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