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  • Small / medium repairs on bare wood prior to finishing
  • Multi-purpose paste wood filler suitable for interior or exterior use
  • Low odour, water based filler
  • Quick drying. Shrink and crack resistant
From: £5.35 (£6.42 Inc. VAT)
Wax Filler Sticks
  • Wax repair sticks for filling small holes, splits and mitres
  • Hard wax filler in various colours
  • Easy to use. Simply soften between fingers and push into hole
  • Suitable for use after finishing
From: £5.39 (£6.47 Inc. VAT)
Gap Master Wood Filler

Gap Master Wood Filler

Silicon free mastic / adhesive

310mm tube

Colours: Nut, Dark Oak, Light Oak

From: £6.64 (£7.97 Inc. VAT)
Wudfil 2 part Filler
  • Wudfil 2 part Filler
  • Various colours


From: £9.96 (£11.95 Inc. VAT)
Retouch Crayons
  • Masks superficial scratches and knocks on finished wooden surfaces
  • Semi-hard wax in various colours
  • Repairs slight scratches and defects such as wormholes on old and new furniture
  • Pack of 10
From: £14.97 (£17.96 Inc. VAT)
Finney's Grainfiller - neutral
  • Grainfillers are used to fill the pores of wood prior to polishing
  • To colour use Finney's powder dry colour
From: £15.40 (£18.48 Inc. VAT)

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